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Language, Learning and Literacy

Albury West Public School has turned the limelight on literacy by introducing an early intervention program for students in their first year of school.

The Language, Learning and Literacy program supports the K-6 English syllabus and suits the new curriculum. L3 uses the K-10 Literacy Continuum to guide teaching and learning. Dubbed the L3 -Language, Learning and Literacy this program facilitates students in becoming great, successful readers and writers through daily literacy lessons in small groups of three, whilst teaching independence through specially selected activities.

Students participate in daily literacy lessons in both reading and writing. Each student's progress is consistently collected so that their literacy skills are acquired.

Teachers that implement this program are involved in rigorous professional learning to ensure the program's success.

L3 has been a hugely successful program at Albury West. The students have demonstrated outstanding improvements in reading levels and their comprehension is much more advanced.

In 2012 Albury West was 1 of 3 pilot schools to introduce L3 Stage 1. Rich literacy experiences build upon foundations of Kindergarten L3. Quality literature is used to develop comprehension skills to positively impact on quality writing.

L3 is now taught in all K-2 classrooms developing literacy, learning and language skills to support our 21st century learners.

The explicit teaching in L3 ensures we know exactly where our students are and what the appropriate next step for each individual should be at any given point in time.