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Parents and citizens' association

We have a very active Parent and Citizens' Association (P&C) at Albury West Public School.

Research shows that when parents are actively involved in their child's schooling, children are happier, perform better and stay in school longer. Parent and care-giver involvement in many aspects of the schools' functioning is encouraged and highly valued at Albury West.

Parents help schools in many different ways. For some, time and work commitments only allow them to attend parent and teacher interviews or P&C meetings. Others are able to help in the canteen or in the classroom. Whether you are able to help in a small or large way, any assistance is vital as a school becomes a community when parents are fully involved.

Our P&C endeavours to bring about a closer co-operation between the parents of the children attending the school, other citizens, the teachers at the school and the children themselves.

The role of the P&C Association is to assist the school in the provision of a range of activities that our children can participate in within the school, and to assist the school in the acquisition of resources and facilities for our children to utilise on a day to day basis. To be able to provide these investments in our children's social and educational development, we rely heavily on a voluntary contribution scheme and fund raising. We sincerely ask for your support in these.

The current members of the P&C invite you to come along to our meetings and see how our association and school function. It's a great place to have your say, or to become informed.

Meeting times

P&C meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month during school term, beginning at 7pm.  Please come along and join us.

Ways you can help us

Ways you might help the P&C and school include:

  • lend a hand at open days, stalls, and in the canteen
  • offer your professional expertise
  • attend parent nights and meetings
  • help in the classroom
  • join working bees
  • help supervise students on excursions
  • be active in our P&C and attend meetings
  • contribute ideas.

Alexis Lovatt 
P&C President